About the BMBC

Bristol Mountain Bike Club has been in existence for two decades organising rides and social events for our members. Our members are a large group of like-minded individuals who all get a kick out of riding bikes off-road. Being part of the club means that you have lots of options for rides, and the benefit of years of experience to help you when you need it.

Over the years BMBC has grown into an active and healthy organisation. Rides happen practically every day throughout the year. Weekdays generally see us riding close to home as we sneak a ride after work. Bristol's trails see a lot of action, but trips to the Mendips, Cotswolds, Cwmcarn and the Forest of Dean are all possible on a school night. Weekday night-rides are also a staple of the winter months. There is normally a choice of at least two day-rides over the weekend, and frequently more. There is plenty of riding within two hours drive of Bristol which is perfect for a day-trip. The Brecon Beacons, The Black Mountains, the Dragon Downhill uplift days, The Quantock Hills, Exmoor, Dartmoor and the North and South Downs are all within range. We have many weekend trips to North Wales, northern England and Scotland throughout the year, and each year our members organise foreign holidays to experience proper mountains and good weather for a change!

BMBC promotes responsible riding, and is run by a committee that seeks to build good relationships with local land managers. The club believes that promoting Mountain Biking as a responsible and sustainable sport through the good conduct of its members is the best way to gain greater access to the countryside to enjoy our sport. We are affiliated to the UK branch of the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA - UK) who support MTBing in the UK and Ireland, and defends rights of way for MTBs. We are also affiliated to the CTC who campaign on behalf of cyclists in the UK and, through whom we have indemnity insurance for our club officers and ride leaders. Members of BMBC may join the CTC and IMBA UK at reduced rates through BMBC to claim further benefits.

The club is a not-for-profit organisation. We offer free membership with limited access to rides and this website. We charge a modest fee for full membership, which is used to pay for our affiliations and running costs, such as the website and membership cards, which can be used to get reductions at many local bike shops.